My son cannot delete his scout book account

Had two accounts, and cannot send link to new correct account. Says that scout must delete his SB account on his end before I can send new invite/connection to the correct account.

Will send his incorrect member id and name upon request.

Thank you.

It sounds like the scout made a my.scouting account that had wrong info or was not matched up - post the BSA #s and we can look @EricZepeda

Generally, SUAC will only need the BSA Member ID to get things rolling, not names. If they need names or other PII, they can set up a private channel to get that information.

Hi, Thank you for your response.

Incorrect BSA# is 137169791 (one he has SB linked to)

Correct BSA# is 132557229 (one that I need to send connection to)

@EricZepeda ok this is all cleaned up - it is odd your council has used both of those BSA#s for him.

@DonovanMcNeil It looks like one of them has last name misspelled.

Yeah I saw the Red but missed the spelling - that is fixed now

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Thanks so much!!


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