Parent created scout account

I have a parent who created an account for her son the improper way and I need to ensure that it is deleted. I have checked with council it is not showing up in akela but it is showing in scoutbook. However in the troop it is correct. I can’t however do anything until the account is destroyed and removed as she also used her email for own son as well.

Correct PID and I don’t want this one touched.

PID 135094815
SB id 4965483

Parent correct account and I don’t want this one touched.


Account to be destroyed.


Thank you for your help.

@BenjaminWard I kind of see an issue but your number s are wrong - only post the the scouts IF you think there is an issue please

There is an issue. The numbers have been doubled checked and are correct as posted.

@BenjaminWard sorry you do not understand - those BSA #s do not point to the same person name

The scout are the same person. XXXXXXXXXXXX,III is on the one I want destroyed. Parent typed name incorrect as well as created it incorrectly

best of luck @BenjaminWard

??? Can you please help me with this problem???

No we cannot - the numbers you have inadequately provided do not lead to even a close name - post as BSA # XXXXXXXXX and BSA# $$$$$$$$$$ - or SB ect

These were copied directly from scoutbook. Please call me call directly and I can verify. (phone number removed by Moderator)

(picture removed by Moderator)

Is the correct account

Is the correct parent account

The id of 13049859 is the correct number as written for the account to be destroyed. Parent added III to the end of the scouts name on this account so it looks like the wrong name but it is the same kid. I need this account destroyed please.

I am not understanding what is the issue. I have given you the same information as the screenshots as proof. What is showing up wrong because I am not understanding. Please help me understand.

Can anyone please help me???

@BenjaminWard The Scout’s BSA member ID numbers are:


No, not what I was given. Please call me! (phone number removed by Moderator)


I have merged the Scout’s Scoutbook accounts.

It looks like the mother tried to create a 2nd ID and used her son’s name instead of her’s.

One ID is the mother’s e-mail address. This account has her name and BSA Member ID.

The other ID is the same as the part of the mother’s e-mail address before the @ without the . This ID has the Scout’s name on it.

Is this what she really wants?

Can you reset (removed by Moderator) account 129430945… he can not log into his account?

@LauraHurd That Scout does not have a username at my.scouting.

With a parent’s permission, he can create a username at my.scouting.

Thank you! I was starting to wonder if he never set it up!