My Tiger Jungle - Backyard Jungle quandry

The Achievement is called My Tiger Jungle. On the form it’s Backyard Jungle.
But it doesn’t show up in Scoutbook. If it’s not there, what’s the best suggestion. Just fill out the forms and submit to Council?

@AnthonyArrowsmith - I am not certain I understand what you are stating. Which form are you talking about.

The My Tiger Jungle adventure is in Scoutbook. Where are you not seeing it?

Why is the Name My Tiger Jungle in Scoutbook but the paper App calls it Backyard Jungle?

The original name of the adventure when the Cub Scout program was updated in 2015 was Backyard Jungle.

What paper app are you referring to?

Why do I suspect this to be workbooks from us scouting service project


I don’t know what form or paper app you are referring to. Could you please specify?

This is what I see in Scoutbook:

Tiger Scout’s Tiger Rank Requirements page in Scoutbook:

AAA Tiger Rank Requirements page in Scoutbook

Purchase Order (PO):

AAA Purchase Order

Scoutbook Advancement Report:

AAA Advancement Report

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@JenniferOlinger - that is exactly as I see it for my pack

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The one that you can download 512-01319-CS-Outdoor-Activity-Awd…

It’s Backyard Jungle on the paper form

Probably because no one in the BSA noticed the form needed to be updated.

512-01319-CD-Outdoor-Activity-Awc_WEB.pdf 2019 printing

OK, so you are referring to the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award.

The “Backyard Jungle” adventure was renamed “My Tiger Jungle” adventure in 2016. They are equivalent.

After a Tiger Scout completes the My Tiger Jungle adventure in Scoutbook, the Outdoor Activity Award should automatically update when you open the award’s requirements page in Scoutbook.

You do not have to use the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award application form (although you can if you want to). You can simply update the award in Scoutbook and use Scoutbook’s Advancement Report form like usual.

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Got that. the two don’t match in names. The user said they couldn’t find it in Scout Book but now they can.


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