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Planned advancement incorrect for Tigers

The Tiger adventure for 2015-2019 is My Tiger Jungle. Currently in the calendar under planned advancement, it is titled “Backyard Jungle” which is the old title.The requirement numbers and descriptions match Backyard Jungle and not the renamed My Tiger Jungle. Hope this makes sense.

Also as another bug, when adding the requirements for planned adventure, if you add ALL requirements, then graphically under the name, the requirement numbers show (in calendar edit screen). If adding less than ALL requirements, it does not display the numbers. I will attempt to add a screenshot.

OK this is reported - NOTE: the planned Achievements only show to leaders under Edit Mode - users can see them if they go to the item itself - it will say that it is scheduled for XX/XX/XXXX

Thanks. I figured even if visible only to the leaders in edit mode, the GUI doesn’t seem to be correct and may still cause some undue concern for novice leaders. Hopefully, this is merely a cosmetic defect and will have no bearing on the flow of calendar events into the new Den Leader experience (that, yes, I know, is still in beta).

the Den Tool is interesting - as it’s single planned achievements DO show - I think I will make another story for a button to add planned activities to the “Event Description”

Just to clarify my process (for the story and actual bug that I think I found), I selected ALL requirements for the Bobcat and the numbers show up in the GUI. I selected only 1 or 2 individual requirements for the other adventures in the graphic and NO numbers show up in the GUI. I have to think that may be a coding error.

Now, on the thought of adding planned activities to event description would be a wonderful idea.

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