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National database Transfer to Scoutbook - Records do not match

Our Troop Very recently started using Scoutbook due to the NDB shutting down. We immediately noticed that many scouts records do not match the recent NDB report we generated. What are the current plans to verify the data transfer between the databases? If they are the same, what plans are there to validate the connections?

We are currently on hold entering advancements and merit badge information due to this concerning situation. Not looking forward to match 160 pages of Scout records to the Scoutbook version.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as summer camp records and COH dates closing in.


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@RossDallimore Ross - first question is where are you looking ? The new Internet Advancement or ? By records what specifically are you looking at ?

Hi Stephen,
we are looking at the Scoutbook for each individual Scout, the merit badges do not match (i.e. missing) the report we were able to download from the National Database before it closed. Crikey, ok what is the Internet Advancement system?

Thanks for the quick response

@RossDallimore - The new internet advancement is found here: and you already know the scoutbook page. Now as far as not matching, you have merit badges listed from the old IA that are not shown on the same scout in scoutbook if I follow what you are saying. I can set up a screen share just to give another set of eyes on the issue if you wish. You can email if you want to give that a try.

Just tried access to that site, shows forbidden. How do I gain access to that site? What is the difference between Scout book and Internet advancement site?

Apologize for asking what may seem crazy questions, but we are catching up since using Troop master/NDB for years as a troop. It would great if there was a training session for Troops coming onboard to the new ways.

At work currently so would not be able to screen share. Will email to find a convenient time.

@RossDallimore - no problem… completely understand. The login for is you login and likewise for scoutbook. What is your role in the the troop ?

Unit Advancement Chair (Newly appointed)

Did the Key 3 assign that role in security manager ? Also, is that also in your positions in scoutbook ?

Key 3 - Just looked in - Not showing position. Position showing in Scoutbook.

OK. they need to assign that position in my.scouting as well. Be advised that it expires annually at recharter.

Unit “Key 3” is a BSA term that means:

  • Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, crew Advisor, or ship Skipper)
  • Committee Chair
  • Chartered Org. Rep.

Any one of the unit’s Key 3 can use the Organization Security Manager at to designate you as the Unit Advancement Chair. They can also designate up to three Key 3 Delegates, if they wish. After being designated as Unit Advancement Chair, you will need to wait until the next day before you can use Internet Advancement (because a file gets updated overnight).

Start with . Then watch for local University of Scouting, RoundTable, or other training.

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