Cannot sync MB counselor from VST

OK have someone who lives in a zip code we share with another council. Cause all sort of issues with my scouting accounts assigned to wrong council that i cannot access. Thought I got this one fixed up

SB User ID
BSA Member ID
My.Scouting Account ID

I cannot get his MBC registration to sync to SB



Will take a look - first issue is there are 2 SB Users with that MID

@RonFedele this is fixed

I couldn’t get to one seems to have been assigned to wrong council

thanks for the help

Yeah I am asking a question on that

I have been back and forth with national . We have 4 zip codes that we share with another council. They get arbitrarily assigned when they make my.scouting account and that haunts us till I get a ticket put in on each one.


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