Connections not being updated for new scouts

Our unit treasurer is set up in conenctions manager to have access to all scout profiles to send messages. New scouts are not being automatically connected. What do I need to do?

How do I allow everyone to message everyone else?

Thank you!

PS: I saw the other post in March, but wanted to reopen. I am using the extension, but it doesn’t seem to work. I hate that the only solution might be to make more leaders admins just so they can send messages.

Unit and sub-unit Admins are the only ones who get automatically connected to Scouts, and sub-unit Admins only get connected within their sub-unit (den, patrol, etc.). Other adults have to be manually connected.

I think the messaging system requires an adult to be connected to the Scout with View Profile or higher.

Connections are only automatic for Admins - all other connections must be established and updated

I think the default setting in scoutbook should make it easy to communicate if someone is a registered leader. Otherwise, it is just too hard to stay on top of all these quirks. Unfortunately, I’m just going to need to make everyone a troop admin.

@GoodloeWhite as the new Stack rolls out alot of issues like this are being addressed

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