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Need Auto Approval for MB Requirements when MB is Approved

Need Auto Approval for MB Requirements when MB is Approved. This is just like the bug reported for Rank Requirements (Need Auto Approval/Award for Rank Requirements when Rank is Approved/Awarded). Please fix it for MBs too.

Please acknowledge, is this in the queue already?

I’m not so sure that it is a bug. With physical blue cards, both the MBC and SM have to sign for the overall completion of the MB. Auto-approving would be skipping the digital corollary to that.

ETA Looks like I may have gotten the intent of the OP backwards.

This is not a bug - the only thing that matters for a finished MB or Rank is the Finish Date - that is the only thing councils or national look at

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I am not asking for auto approval of MBs (how could there even sensibly be such a thing?) nor reporting of MB requirement dates. I am asking that any MB requirements left hanging as marked completed but not approved be automatically marked approved when the overall MB is approved so that the oodles of requirements don’t show up unnecessarily in the Needs Approval Report. Sure we can use the report to approve them but it’s a pain and also harder to use the report without cleaning them up first.

This is in the backlog but I would not expect to see it scheduled for development work in the foreseeable future.

yes it is messy - what if an MB is approved by mistake - it happens - then all reqs are in an approved status

Just my two cents. I feel they should eliminate the leader approved section for MB individual requirements. If Counselor is using Blue Card we have nothing to confirm with till the end. If they are using SB for tracking leave for approval till all done. I have a needs approval report that is out of control (or at least add an option to filter MB individual requirements out).


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