Need duplicate parent account deleted

I have duplicate accounts in Scoutbook and I need help removing the duplicate. However, I believe one of them is my personal BSA number/record from the early 90’s (14040518). Could someone confirm for me, please? If there is no value in retaining the account, please proceed with the following:

BSA ID# 136918885 - keep
BSA ID# 14040518 - remove

@RobertBurke2 ok am fixing it - does not look like a youth account - looks like a parent one - will merge to you username log in not your email log in - that will die

Hi Michael -

Also, for whatever reason, it shows my daughter’s gender as M. Could you please correct this to reflect F ?

SB User ID: 11280950
BSA Member ID: 136918884

Thank you,

I just realized that I called you Michael, and that is not your name. Sorry Donovan!


@RobertBurke2 in SB it is correct - I fixed in AKELA

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