Need help correcting Scoutbook Account my son

My name is Meghna Nazare and BSA Id is 13528828. My son with BSA Id # 136598797, but the name in his account is changed to my name. He is also missing from his Troop roster. He belongs to Troop 200 from Northeast Georgia Council.
Please help in correcting the name in his account and getting him back to the troop roster.

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@MeghnaNazare I think you went in and made a account but used both Scouts and your info and basically stole the BSA # in Scoutbook - I have that cleaned up - his Scouting position should return overnight

@DonovanMcNeil if you were able to correct that issue, I’m wondering if you might be able to help me with a different issue on account … It appears I was entered into the system ( Member ID13871693 ) with an invalid Date of Birth (DOB) which results in many of the BSA systems seeing me as ‘Under 18’. But I am a great deal older than 18 and this DOB data issue is stopping me from doing some things I need to do, like formally register as an Adult/Parent volunteer, access SeaBase info, etc. One of the other troop parents had been trying to work with someone at the District/Council level, but not much success yet. Any ideas?

@TanyaKennedy_Luminat Council can easily fix this - we cannot

I have a scout in my pack - (name removed), #137359553, whose name was incorrectly entered as (name removed). Can you help me get his first name corrected to (name removed)?

@MatthewBaker7 Ask your council to correct the registration first.


I looked at your record in Scoutbook, Akela and All have a DOB in 1970. If you are still seeing an issue, you will need to contact your Council.

Yes, we’ve been having lots of email conversations and it looks like they were able to fix it late last night or early this morning, and I was able to register as an adult. So, exciting steps forward!

I am having a similar problem with Scoutbook. I have never logged into Scoutbook with my Florida ID (134350942) and yet when I updated which Merit Badges I would Council with the Michigan Crossroads Council it changed the ID to the aforementioned number, when it should be attached to my Michigan ID (110305190) which is the only one I have ever used with Scoutbook. I have tried to change it through My.Scouting with no effect. HELP!!!

I have a scout whose parents put in her email to connect her. She has take YPT for her NYLT staffing she did. She created 2 accounts. She cannot get into my.scouting.

(data removed, we only need BSA #)
Her BSA # in scoutbook is:135379120
Her User ID # is:8950214


I only see 1 Scoutbook and 1 ID for this Scout. They are attached. She needs to log in to Scoutbook using her ID and password.

If she can’t remember he password, she can try using the bot or contact your Council. The SUAC has no ability to reset passwords.

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