Multiple Member ID numbers

We have tried fixing these, but some duplicate accounts were made with incorrect spelling on emails so nobody can access them to merge on our end. The council also said they couldn’t help.
For a couple of the leaders it looks like they opened second accounts and the need to be merged. The surviving accounts should be the last ones listed second.

Troop 6122G:
137177680 and 13725986
137177679 and 137140083
137177681 and 135916248

For 2 of our scouts
they both had Maryland Numbers and we didn’t realize we were adding their advancement on those instead of the OK ones. They need to be merged too, but all of a sudden Tyler’s MD # disappeared from our roster. Is there a way to still merge? We need the OK BSA # to be the surviving account.

Troop 122:
Zachary MD BSA # 136257475 and OK BSA # 137397601
Tyler MD BSA # 134611851 and OK BSA # 137397606

@AsusenaHaro-King we will look at this

@AsusenaHaro-King 137140083 is a bad number

@AsusenaHaro-King these are all fixed - adults need to use user names and passwords to log in

Hi there! I am having the same issue for myself with having 2 BSA numbers. Not even sure how that even happened. I’m the Advancement Coordinator for our Troop 77 and our Crew 33, and it is making it difficult to do anything. Can you please help me with my issue?

First one: 131644243 Cindy Slavin
Second one: 137305709 Cindy Slavin

Any help would be appreicated!

Cindy Slavin

@CindySlavin This is cleaned up for you

Thank you so VERY MUCH Mr. McNeil!!


I’m having the same issue.

BSA #: 13793353 (a Pack Leadership account) needs to be merged with #137317241 (a parent account). These are the same person. Ideally, 13793353 would be the sole account to avoid having to reauthorize as a leader.

@KrystalHurst This should be fixed now.

Thank you! That was quick!

I was asked by my Son’s troop leadership to create a my.scouting account for him. Following directions, I created the account which generated it’s own ID number.
His CORRECT Member ID number is: 132372669
The one generated by my.scouting (incorrect #): 14161880
Any advice on correcting this would be appreciated…

there should have been a pop up to match the scout - are you sure the information was entered the same way that it is in the system?

@SteveGreen A new BSA member number was created, because the Scout’s date of birth does not match.

The correct birthdate should be [removed by Moderator]
I noticed in his SB account that is listed as 14 but I was unable to make a change…

What I would do is call council and have them fix DOB in AKELA - what 48 hours - then try making the account again

Thank you, I’ll give that a shot.

I think @JenniferOlinger might be fixing it

@SteveGreen Your Scout’s Scoutbook accounts have been merged. Everything should be fixed now.

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I am having a similar problem I have 2 id numbers and acess to only one. My position is under the number i cant acess and noone seems to be able to fix it. I am supposed to be doing advancements and the asm position for my troop. The number i use is 13367383 the number i have no access to is 136109393. I tryed to merge them on my own but it says the number doesnt exsist. Any ideas on how i can fix it?

@JackiePickell I am looking in to this for you.