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Need help with merging two profiles

Hi, my name is Michael Ibarra and I’m an adult leader with Pack 482 in Glendora CA. I should have access as a pack admin and should be assigned as the bear den leader. The SSO profile number that I have access to is 136021360. This profile has no permissions with the pack, is not connected to any of the leadership training that I’ve completed, and is also missing connections to my eldest son Trevor that is in Troop 483 also out of Glendora. It also shows a connection to a phantom profile of my son JJ with Pack 483. When I asked our Cubmaster about why my connections weren’t working he said that he had a different profile number that shows all of my permissions as being active. I however don’t have access to that profile. I’m hoping that you can help me out so that the profiles can be merged and the access could be corrected. Thank you.

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@MichaelIbarra that MIDS # was deleted before - your MID is 137401534 - and SB is fixed for you

Thank you so much for your help!

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