One Scout Two IDs- Need to merge so we can move him to Troop

I have been contacted by our Troop Advancement Chair as we have a boy transferring from our Pack. We found that this scout has two profiles in Scoutbook. This may have have happened after our recent recharter.

Could you please help me to merge the data?

BSA #136278863 is the number that appears on the council’s roster. Note that his current rank for that account is listed as Bear. He has earned (but not yet received) the Arrow of Light rank.

Both accounts have different User ID: 2192106 and 2907376. One has all his Bear and Wolf Achievement and they other has Webelos and AOL achievement. One is from his pack in UT and the other profile show CA.

Please let me know if there is any other information you need.

OK those are merged - one parent “Toby” has 2 accounts also - I merged those as well


That was completed so quickly! :slight_smile:

@SandraSmith2 The Scout’s AOL rank still needs to be marked as Approved.

I will mark it as approved.

One more thing. In looking at his profile, It shows his old address and old council. How do we update it to the correct information that was on the profile that was merged?

just change in SB - was not sure which was which - or We can pull from AKELA

Unfortunately, I don’t know what it was, since it was stored in Scoutbook. Could you try to pull it and update it? It should be a Utah address and Crossroads of the West Council.

ok address should be changed - if needed you can change council under edit profile

Perfect! I was finally able to update the council. The council was not available previous to you updating the address. Thank you again for you service! I really appreciate your time.