Need my Scoutbook Accounts Merged

This seems to happen every time we recharter. I’m not showing any of my former connections in ScoutBook anymore. My older two scouts are both in troops and I can’t see them anymore. I’m the Cubmaster of a Pack and I can see the pack, but my prior positions are all messed up again. I believe this happens because I have multiple BSA ID’s for some reason…

My main BSA ID is 12154094

@JohnSchiel I am looking in to this.

@JohnSchiel Could you log in at my.scouting and go to:

Menu → My Profile

Scroll down to the “Contact” section and please double-check your e-mail address.

My email is correct.

Under Leaders for my Pack in ScoutBook, my name shows up twice with two different BSA ID numbers.

My main BSA ID is the one mentioned above.
The other one that shows up is 14071316

@JohnSchiel This should be fixed now.

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