Another multiple ID problem

Hi, I need help with my Scoutbook account, I was directed to the forums. I recently became Cubmaster with our recharter. I went in to check rosters, update dens, etc. I appear to have multiple my.scouting IDs, which I have merged in my.scouting. My primary number works for most things, my.scouting, training, internet advancement, etc… however, in Scoutbook I dont see my Pack, and are missing 2 of my sons when using the primary. If I make the other number primary, i get a little more access in Scoutbook, but it still looks like I am not a Cubmaster.

Can someone take a look at my Scoutbook accounts, or let me know who to contact?

correct / Primary my.scouting: 133663439 - ScoutBook 12992994
2nd my.scouting 137448155 - ScoutBook 8980735



@BenjaminJansky ok will take overnight to sync fix for you

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@BenjaminJansky Donovan has fixed your Scoutbook accounts, but you will want to contact your local council because:

BSA 133663439 - Adult leader registrations and User Relationships with older children
BSA 137448155 - Tiger Adult Partner registrations and User Relationships with youngest child

What you really want is to have all registrations and User Relationships (parent / child) under a single BSA member number in the same council.

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Thank you both for the help!

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