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Show swimmer classification in reports

It would be great to be able to run a report showing both swim test dates and classification as well as health form dates for summer camp. I am unable to show swimmer classification and dates. BTW, I installed the extension. It is wonderful.

Mary Ann Dalton

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Got o Unit Roster > Print Roster > use Roster Builder to get that data

You can use Roster Builder from the Reports menu or Print Roster from the Roster menu to get a report containing swim classification and date plus health form date. Note the report incorrectly indicates health forms are expired. Health form are good until the end of the month, 12 months after signed so reports signed on July 1, 2019 and July 31, 2019 both expire on July 31, 2020.

Yes but this is only if all my scouts are going to camp. If I could build a report, I can select the scouts going.The roster is helpful; to use it, I need it to show the ages of scouts.

Roster builder (Print Roster) allow you to select the Scouts to include.

I cant make my roster do that. I am limited to patrols. How have you set your roster up?

Same here. The Roster Builder only lets me select the entire troop or patrols. The Report Builder lets me select individual scouts, but not swim dates and swim classification.

Sorry for the confusion, yes, Roster Builder allows you to select the entire unit or sub-units but not individual Scouts. If you need to select individual Scouts in reporting swim classification or health form dates I recommend having a unit admin use the Export/Backup feature to export a scouts.csv file then using Excel to extract the data you need.

I will add a request to select individual Scouts to the backlog but I would not expect to see any changes for the foreseeable future.

Roster Report Print Roster function does allow you to select whole Troop, by Patrol, or individual Scouts and allows the user to select the Swim Classification for reporting and it will produce a report showing the current Swim Classification for each Scout and/or Leader in the Roster, but the dates are not shown. It also appears to check these dates and indicate if expired by reporting “(expired)” next to the classification that the Scout or Leader had previously held. However, it also seems to only compare the year portion of the date to the current date and does not take into consideration the month or date of of the Swimmers Classification date, so it only provides a rough control point of +/- 1 year. It would be great if this function was either tighter, reporting “expired” of the date was +/- 1 month of current date, or better yet, allow users to report the actual Swim Classification Date along with the Swim Classification field/status for each roster member.

Additionally, it appears that you can edit the Swim classification and associated date field in the profile for adults that are listed Scout Parents, but unless they are leaders, they are not in the current roster report. I know it is rare that we would need to know the swimm classification of parents, but if we are able to log the data, will we ever be able to report it?

Thanks and I hope to hear that you are able to add some of these sugggestions. To be honest, with Summer Camp coming up, it would be nice to gather the swim classification for all of our attendees and use it moving forward to report on members that attend events where this information is needed, but if the current report is used, we could not trust that it was accurate enough for our Troop requirement of being swim tested annually.


Just as an FYI, the swim classification date is available in the print roster with the extension installed.

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Thanks Gary!

I installed it and it worked to bring the Swimmer Classification date into the report. However, the report still does not calculate the (expired) flag as accurately as we would like. It still only triggers when the year is +2 from the current date, which depending on what day you run the report, you could be as much as 23 months off, but having the date in the report is a great improvement.

Can’t wait to see what other improvements are available to discover…


Keep in mind that annually does not necessarily mean 365 days. The Guide to Safe Scouting says: “The classification tests must be renewed annually, preferably at the beginning of the season even if the Scout has earned the Swimming merit badge.” (Guide to Safe Scouting: Aquatics Safety: Safe Swim Defense, 6. Ability Groups) For example: if a Scout took the swim test last August, the Scout should take it again at the beginning of the swim season (May-June for most). It’s a safety issue, so units should err on the side of caution.

I checked my code then ran the report without the extension. It is Scoutbook that is putting in the (Expired) text, not the extension.

I have added an item in the backlog to remove the word expired and add the test date to the swim check field in Roster Builder.

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That would be a great improvement and compromise…and should be fairly easy to do. Would it always show or be based on the current (expired) logic and display only when the year value increased by +2?

Always would be my preference.

The reques is to always show the date, the same as the extenstion currently does.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing this guidance. In this case the report is definately not functioning per the guidance and should be fixed. From my limited testing that I performed in mid June, 2019, working backwards from 1 year in June 2018, the Expired flag first began to appear in Dec, 2017, which was 17 months from the test date and well past the recommended annual requirements.