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Add adult as leader

I went to add someone as a leader, to put them as Den Leader for a Tigers Den. I found one of the adults to make them a leader however when I go to add them as a Den Leader, it only allows me to make him one for other dens, and not the Tigers Den I need him to go to.

Thank you.

BSA still asks that Tiger Dens be lead by “Tiger Den Leaders”. Lions, Wolf, and Bear use just Den Leader. and Webelos use Webelos Den Leaders. I know it is odd, but the way it is until changed.

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Thanks! I found Tiger Den Leader but nothing for a Tiger Assistant Den Leader… So one down :slight_smile: Thanks again!

The BSA doesn’t officially have an assistant Tiger Den Leader position. We registered both adult leaders as TL, and showed them as such in Scoutbook.

Since all Scouts require a parent to be at all meetings the BSA felt an assistant was unnecessary. I would register also as Tiger Den Leader.

That’s what the program says, but youth protection says you need two registered leaders.

@jacobfetzer You hit the nail on the head. This is why we need to be able to have Assistant Den Leaders for both Tigers and Lions. Many people seem to think that the YPT requirement is to have two adults that are YPT current… but it is actually to have two registered adults who are YPT current.

It’s worth noting that the two registered leaders don’t technically have to be den leaders. Until the program says the positions exist Scoutbook won’t support them.

If you do not wish to register the second as an additional den leader they can register as committee member or any other leader.

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Rick is exactly right. We push our unit parents to do this – our goal is to have at least one parent from each family registered as a committee member. That means they have current YPT and can fill that “second registered leader” roll whenever they’re at a meeting. Also, it gives them an official “voice” in how the troop is delivering the program. We’ve had to tweak our rules about what constitutes a quorum for major decisions, but other than that, we haven’t seen any downsides.

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