Need to merge duplicate accounts

I have a new parent who is volunteering as a Den Leader, and he has accidentally made two separate accounts. Apparently he had an older BSA #, but then made an account using google credentials. One of these accounts has him as Den Leader for our pack, as well as his YPT training completions.

One account is BSA# 3606822, user ID # 11889464

The second account is BDA # 14019194, user ID # 12144087.

Both accounts should be tied to

Is there any way to merge these accounts and keep the pack connections and YPT?

Thanks for the help!

@DarrenDunlap Yes, we can merge his Scoutbook accounts.

However, he is not currently registered as a Den Leader. He is registered as a Lion Adult Partner, but Lion and Tiger Adult Partners are not considered adult leaders by the BSA (no criminal background check, YPT not required, not approved by chartered organization, etc.). Please ask him to work with your pack’s leadership to get him registered.

@DarrenDunlap I have merged this user’s Scoutbook accounts. He should be able to log in now. He will still need to follow-up on getting registered as a Den Leader.

Thank you!! I’ll work with the leadership to get him added as Den leader. You’re the best!

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