Adult with two BSA IDs

Hi folks - can I ask a favor to merge two accounts for the same adult? ID 12487852 is the account with all my training. It’s inactive since 2021.

My current YPT is under 134947886 and that should be the active paid account. That said, which account shows the years of service? would be 10+ years either way. Thanks!

@JohnDean4 Is this for you? Or for someone else?

Hi - for a member of our unit committee.

OK, you said “My current YPT”, so I was confused. LOL

This user has 2 usernames at my.Scouting. Which one does she want to keep?

e-mail address

she is now divorced, so she tends to use (removed by Moderator), so (removed by Moderator) might work.

@JohnDean4 Looks like she most recently logged in with her e-mail address. We can keep whichever one she wants.

hmm not sure, then we can go with her email as the username. thanks.

@JohnDean4 You can ask her which username she would like to keep. Just let us know.

How can a council registra fix a member having two ID’s ? Is it possible and is there an instruction somewhere?\

@JohnBlanchard It depends on what you mean. BSA member ID numbers (MIDs) cannot be merged, but they can be managed. Users can Manage Member ID at my.Scouting, but only if their name and date of birth match exactly.

Scoutbook userIDs can be merged. If a user is currently registered in more than one council, then that complicates things.

They want a single bsa member number that has all of their registered positions, parent relationships in Akela (membership database), and training. That should be the primary member number for their username. That is absolutely true when everything is in a single council, but not quite possible when in multiple councils.

Hi. The member says to use her email as the user ID. Thanks!!

@JohnDean4 OK, she should be all set.

I also have two ID’s. Anyway I can roll over the training from the old one (-007) into the new one–219? The old one shows up on both my son’s accounts as well - hope that it can be deleted from there.

@ChipJordan Log in to my.Scouting and use Manage Member ID to see your BSA member ID number ending in -007 as “primary” and let it stay there for at least an hour. Do not log into Scoutbook during this time. Then set your BSA number ending in -219 as “primary”. Your training should be copied onto your primary number within about 24 hours.

So I logged into, set member ID ending in 207 to primary and waited over an hour, then set to the member ID ending in 219. After 24 hrs should I also remove the other Member IDs? The 1971 / 007 / 207?

Thank you for your help.


@ChipJordan It’s best to keep those other numbers under Manage Member ID.

Can I get some help, please, with having 2 IDs? I’m not fully sure what information you need. Our previous troop disbanded and we joined a different. I now have two IDs but neither are for the new troop both were attached to the old. Old 3434 with an ID of *XXXXXXXXXX and New Troop should be 439 with an ID of (I think) XXXXXXXXXX. I really just need one of them to gain me access to our new Troop (439) and hopefully keep my certifications. Any help or any direction of how to fix this would be great!

Thanks so much!

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Ok, thank you will do. I have logged back in and I don’t see my old account under the New Birth of Freedom - so it appears to be good. But now I see that my one son now has two accounts. the old one is SB User ID: XXXXXXXXXX and BSA Member ID:XXXXXXXXXX. Is there a way to combine/inactivate this account?

@ChipJordan I have merged your son’s Scoutbook accounts.