Need to merge two users

Hello, I have a parent that already had an SB account and BSA MID, then registered as an adult and now has two. P.S. Their last name was misspelled on the new account. The original had the correct spelling. Can these be merged please?

Original MID: 136354762, SBID: 10183106
New MID: 14304905, SBID: 12496268

MIDs cannot be merged - but we can fix Scoutbook and maybe the mis-spelling too

@MatthewRoss1 both of these are parent accounts, not an adult leader if that is what you were expecting

Ah ok, that’s fine, would still like them merged/fixed. Thank you!

they are merged @MatthewRoss1

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@DonovanMcNeil how long might this take to reflect in SB? When I look I still see both users.

Hmmmm merge is acting funny today - it SAYS deleted for 12496268 in my system - where are you seeing both?

OH the connections I guess

Correct. I see 12496268 connected to one of their two children still. Also, I’m not able to find 10183106 when searching for their email, name, or id (to try to connect them with their child).

yes talking to our tool developer

Just checking in to see if there’s been any progress on this? Thank you in advance!

This one is somewhat complicated, because the parent has 3 BSA member numbers:

14304905 - active Lion Adult Partner registration
136354762 - expired Tiger Adult Partner registrations
14310964 - No registrations

It looks like the parent also has 3 user names at my.scouting.

It looks like the Lion Scout’s last name was also misspelled.

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