Need to reassign my wife's Member ID to a new council

Her ID is 127072135 and the new council is Cascade Pacific—the field and button in MyScouting is nonresponsive. Thank you!

Member IDs are unique to individual councils, so the new council would issue a new number (e.g. if she registers as a unit scouter or merit badge counselor). There are historical reasons for this, and the system doesn’t (yet!) support a portable BSA Member ID that follows an individual across councils.

To minimize chances of creating a duplicate account, when she submits her information on a registration form, she should make sure that as much of it matches what’s already on her current account (full name, email address, DOB, etc), and include the current member ID on the application (bottom right corner for hardcopy).

Once the new number is issued, you can “combine” the two numbers in one my.scouting account, with the “new” one becoming primary. In principle, I believe that this (and the PII mismatch issue) is sidestepped with online applications.

Is she applying to be a registered adult leader? If so and your state/council allow online application, logging into and submitting it there is likely the straightest path to ensuring it knows it’s her.


She is and the hardcopy registration is already submitted with the Cascade council. Perhaps they’ll associate it with the existing MyScouting account? I have no idea how this works.

She will be assigned a new member number, and she’ll probably have to use manage member ID to make it primary in my.scouting