Switching my member ID to a new council

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110058876, Northern Lights Council 429

I recently submitted my application to be a merit badge counselor in my new home of Olympia WA, and want to change my membership to Pacific Harbors Council BSA 612. However, when I try to do ID management, I get “Failed to add member ID, User not Found”

Northern Lights Council was my council as a youth, and I’m now trying to join Pacific Harbors Council as an adult leader, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to transfer the Member ID. Thanks for your help.

Member IDs do not transfer - have you filled out an adult application in new council @RyanKappedal ?

I have, turned it in over a month ago to the Pack and the Troop. Our troop contacted the council and the council said I needed to associate my Member ID with the new council.

We have seen a few like that but you cannot do it - BSA IT is not sure how it even happens - the council just needs to make a new one, that is how it has been for decades

@RyanKappedal If you turned your adult application form to become a MBC counselor in December, then the council was probably swamped with Recharter issues.

Once you get your BSA member number in the new council, you can log in at my.scouting and use Manage Member ID to add it there.

I feel a little bit in Catch 22, council said they won’t process my MBC paperwork until they see my training records, but they can’t see my training records until I get a new BSA ID. I’ll provide printed copies and see if that gets me somewhere.

@RyanKappedal If they sent you an e-mail, you can probably just e-mail them back with your training certificates as attachments.

Just log into my.scouting.org and go to My Training - pull the Member Training report

The Council can generate an ID for you without you being registered. The registrar just needs to enter the data from your application without adding a position. They can then give you this member ID and as long as the first, middle and last names and date of birth match what is on your current registration in the other council, you can then use Manager Member ID in my.scouting.org to add your new member ID to and make it primary. About 24 hours later, your training record will be visible to the new council.