Registered scout not in Scoutbook

I’ve been trying to get an issue fixed and am hoping that someone here can help. We have a scout that, prior to rechartering, was showing up in Scoutbook but didn’t have the Advancement Sync logo by his name. I was never able to approve his requirements. I was hoping that it would be fixed with rechartering, but now he isn’t in Scoutbook at all. He IS listed in our roster in my.scouting. Someone at council told me there is a known bug, but she hasn’t replied to me since then (about a month ago). Can anyone help me with this? His ID number is 136540338. Thank you!

@LydiaCurtis I’m looking in to this for you.

@LydiaCurtis This should be fixed now.

You can wait overnight for his position to sync, or you can go to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections

Look for the Scout there, then click on Scout’s Membership. You can click on a past membership with the correct den and remove the date ended, or you can add a new membership with the correct den.

Thank you so so much! This is a huge weight off my shoulders. I couldn’t get a response from anyone at council about how to fix this! Thanks again!!

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