Need to unmerge accounts

I merged 2 of my Scoutbook accounts and accidentally chose the inactive one as my primary. Now, I’ve lost a bunch of permissions and my training on Can you unmerge these please? or merge into the account that should be active?
The member ID it gives me is (which is the one I don’t want). I think the correct member ID is , but I am not sure. Thanks!

@TracieAhrens The issue is that you have 2 usernames at my.scouting. Let’s call them:


(Where “X” is your username)

Which one do you want to keep?

I’ve always used X, but right now it’s not getting me to the stuff I need because I merged the 2 accounts into the wrong number. If you can undo what I messed up earlier by unmerging the 2 accounts, that would work. Otherwise, I need the account that’s connected to my up to date BSA number with advancement permissions.
I can wait and talk to my DE. I was just trying to save him some extra work.

@TracieAhrens Please log out at my.scouting, then log back in.

Thank you! Problem solved! I appreciate the help and won’t click weird buttons in the future!!

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