Needs approval report won't load

I can’t get Needs approval report to load for several days. I would like to order advancements but I can’t do that until I approve things. Is it down? If so, when do you expect it back up?

There is a timeout error that was just reported within the past few days.

Please try using the Needs Approval Report from the den / patrol pages and see if that works until the timeout error is fixed.

thank you! That worked

We are also noticing the same issue. Needs approval report at UNIT/TROOP level is timing out. But it is working at patrol level.

Just a thought. It might be related to number of patrols. We have 17 patrols in one of our units where we are noticing report not being loaded. We have another Unit where we have only 3 patrols. I do not notice the issue with that Unit.

It is number of scouts it’s a known issue

Thank you. We have 181 scouts in the unit. There must be a threshold on number of scouts before it stopped loading the report.

@JenniferOlinger - when is this issue expected to be fixed? Needs approval will not load at the den or pack level on my end.

The BSA does not make estimated fix dates available. All we can say is the developers are aware of the issue.

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