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Needs Purchasing Report returns to Dashboard

There is a recent issue with the ‘Needs Purchasing Report’. It is an important report because this is the place where purchase orders are generated. It has been working fine until about two weeks ago. I thought the bug would get resolved on its own but now I’m beginning to think it may be data related and only apply to my account.

The issue is that I click on the ‘Troop Reports’ and then ‘Needs Purchasing Report’ and instead of sending me to the report, it returns me to the dashboard. It feels like there was an error with the report and the error handling behavior is to return one to the dashboard. I opened up the developer tools and it is indeed sending a ‘302 - Redirect’ to the browser. I don’t have viability into what’s going on in the server.

What positions show up in scoutbook under my positions? Do they all have a green shield by them?

@ChristopherSnow It looks like your Troop Admin and Key 3 Delegate roles ended on 1/14/2021, which is probably when your troop’s recharter was processed by your council.

You need to have one of your Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) log in at my.scouting and use the Organization Security Manager to redesignate you as a Key 3 Delegate.

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Ah, that’s the problem. I see it now, in ‘my positions’. I had been demoted without even knowing it. One suggestion for the future; perhaps ScoutBook could give the user a hint that they don’t have permissions to the report. A ‘permission denied’ note would have led me in the right direction rather than the feature looking broken.

Thanks again for the help. We can close this issue.

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That’s a good idea. All unit positions except Key 3 end every year at recharter, so this comes up every year. We’ll pass this along to the devs.

The menu item shouldn’t appear if you don’t have permissions to use it. So, there should be no reason for a permissions denied message if that were working properly. I wonder if the menus that display are stored on cookies.

@jacobfetzer I just cleared my cookies and opened an incognito browser and the ‘Needs Purchasing Report’ still appears so the menu item is likely coming from somewhere other than a cookie. I suppose that would be the real bug.

My suggestions for the developers would be two-fold. The bug is really that the menu item appears when I don’t have permissions to it. The second addition I would suggest is an ‘access denied’ screen rather than redirecting to the home screen. Many of these reports are bookmarks for me, and others likely do the same, so hiding the menu items is good but a clear error message will help with support issues if the user is still able to access the functionality via other means, whether by a bookmark or via a bug, as in this case.

By the way, thank you for the quick support and turn-around. I tell people one of the best things about ScoutBook is the support. Thanks you!

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