Unable to create a needs purchasing report

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@NicholasBunger so where did you get this error? what system were you in? What were you doing?

@NicholasBunger Which unit? Pack or troop?

3184 Troop and Pack. Hildreth Nebraska

@NicholasBunger what platform are you trying to use?

@NicholasBunger and you Wolf Den Admin position is in an unapproved status - that could be an issue - check with a unit admin

Scout book from, dashboard, reports needs purchase

@NicholasBunger - were you able to run the report in the past ? Typically a den leader would not have access to that report. Usually a unit admin or advancement chair and it woukd be run under the unit page rather than thd top level dashboard reports.

Yes I have run reports in past and I am all of those positions

@NicholasBunger you are a unit admin for Troop not Pack, Pack was ended. So provide more details than a sentence and we can see how we can help you please

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