System failure (77) - For existing report

I created a report a few weeks ago. Now when I click on “Report Builder Reports” → “My Report Name” I get “System failure (77)” error.

Also, when I go to “Report Builder Manager” it looks like I can’t create reports any more.

Can someone help me debug this issue? Thanks!

@ChrisYeoh your registered position has ended - I imagine that is the issue - perhaps your charter is not processed

Ah thanks for looking that up. Do I contact my council to extend my position? Or my troop admin?


I would start with your unit Chair

Hello, I’m the advancement chair and when trying to pull up purchase reports it appears to load but then I’m taken to the previous page. I’'m able to pull up the needs awarding or needs approval reports but not the needs purchasing report.


Your unit advancement chair role ended on 12/31/21. Ask a Unit Key 3 (charter org rep, cubmaster, committee chair) to log in to go to Menu → Unit → Roster → Position Manager → Functional Roles then add Advancement Chair for you. The next day, you will be an admin in Scoutbook and be able to run the reports again.

We spoke to the council registrar and it was corrected last week 4/26. Prior to 4/26, I was unable to get any pack reports. Since reinstatement, I’m able to run the other reports, just not the purchasing report.

Like Ed said your Unit Key 3 needs to do this not registrar - they go to > Position Manager > Functional Roles

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