Need Purchasing Report reverts to Dashboard

Hi, I am the Advancement Chair for Troop 3226 and just started using scoutbook. When I completed training with the former advancement chair, I could access the Needs Purchasing report. Now when I select “needs purchasing report” nothing happens, and it reverts to my dashboard page. I can access the other reports in advancement. Not sure if this is my issue, but can anyone help me figure out why the “needs purchasing report” will not work? Thanks Lisa

Ask another troop admin to make you a troop admin

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@LisaJohnston2 - i would also have the unit key 3 check that you have that functional role assigned in


In order to access the Needs Purchasing Report, you need to be connected to all Scouts in the troop with Edit Advancement permissions (or higher).

For this reason, it’s usually easier to make Advancement Chairs unit Admins, because unit Admins are connected to all Scouts with Full Control.


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