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New Alumni Directory

I see the Alumni/NESA Directory is live again, which is great news! Version 2.0.21 is available at https://directory.scouting.org/

I noted some functional issues, which is normal for so early in a rollout, so not a criticism as much as listing what I saw to help whomever is tracking bugs to note them.

No problems:

  • edit contact info,
  • load a picture,
  • identify affiliated councils,
  • add social media info,
  • Search function

Not working:

  • Scouting affiliations, either edit or sync
  • Awards, either edit or synch with Scoutnet/My.Scouting
  • Add NESA member number/info
  • Sync duplicate accounts
  • Cannot list only one phone number, must input two

A great resource to have once again available, and thanks to whoever put it together!

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I guess I should ask, for one of the latter points - is there a way to ask that two different records be synced? I went through this before with my.Scouting, since we get a new ID number with every council, how do we do it with the alumni directory?

Yes, inquiring minds would like to know. I for instance have my NESA membership associated with the MID from my youth in a different Council. Therefore, when you search for me in the alumni directory there are two entries: my youth MID and my adult MID. Fortunately, you can at least update the information under your switch profile (as long as they are both under your name at My.Scouting). A sync would be nice so that all alumni positions (and Eagle Scout) show under both profiles.