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Directory.scouting.org Cannot Edit Profile

I cannot edit my profile on directory.scouting.org. The link it takes me to is https://directory.scouting.org/my-profile. Nothing loads. Occasionally when I refresh a couple times, it looks like something flashes on the screen, but then an error banner pops up and goes away and the screen goes white again. Tried multiple browsers and clearing cache, etc. No luck. What is the issue?

Anyway, what is the difference between directory.scouting.org and my.scouting.org? Thanks.

Directory.scouting.org is the scouting alumni directory. It should carry over info from you MYST profile.

It works for me! Is this the long lost update to the Alumi directory?

Similar to @Matt.Johnson’s response, I didn’t have trouble editing my profile, or at least portions of it. It is clearly drawing from my.scouting as @Stephen_Hornak noted, although it does so in what I think is a strange way. I have two BSA IDs: one from my youth and one as an adult, each from a different council. I show up as two different people when searching on my name, one (my youth BSA ID) showing my Eagle award, but nothing else (e.g. no Scouting Affiliations, such as NESA, APO, etc) and the other (my adult BSA ID) showing that I’m an adult, but nothing else. Both show the Eagle badge in the right corner when you browse to the profile, but that’s it. I’m not sure that the system is really ready for prime time.

I agree. It doesn’t show my NESA lifetime membership, but I paid that only 2 years ago. It shows my eagle up in one view, but not under awards. Mine shows my youth council and my current.

Did you pay it online. It does not show if you pay nesa through mail.

Wow. I was kinda kidding before about not ready for prime time, but…wow. I became a NESA Life Member back in the stone age, before “pay online” was even a thing. Heck “online” wasn’t really a thing then, either, at least not where I grew up.

Needs to be fixed but there are more pressing issues in scout book and my.scouting that need to be done first.

No question about that. I guess I’m just surprised that it’s visible to the outside world at all if its interface to the data is so…limited.

Online, yes, September of 2018.

Hmm odd. It shows mine. Probably another glitch.

@CharleyHamilton @Matt.Johnson I agree. Lots more to go with this. It has my NESA membership and Eagle under my old youth ID which isn’t my current Council (although both IDs are linked in My.Scouting). Also has my Silver Beaver tied to that one (which makes no sense because it was bestowed in my current Council under my current ID).

I wasn’t even aware they had “released” this (though an updated directory had been mentioned on the NESA website for the past 2 years).

Definitely lots of clean up work, but as said earlier, bigger fish to fry.

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Well, it is a “multi-front war”. If you read all of their Alumni stuff, it is a proven method to get more resources for units, councils - both people and money. Maybe they need to do both?