Scout listed twice

I have a scout listed twice in our roster. Both have BSA ID 13626696, Denver Area Council.


@MarkBorchert - could you go to the scout page then membership and see if there are 2 current listings in the membership section ?

Yes, there is. He was a youth at the beginning of the year. He had to turn in another app when he turned in his Eagle paperwork as a “Unit Participant”. I would have thought that his current membership would have just been updated instead of a new one duplicated. Can I just end his youth membership one?

@MarkBorchert - I would think you can… just check that you and other adults are listed as connected to the scout.

It did let me. Now when I look at the remaining record it has a note on it that says the scout has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council. Good gravy Scoutbook makes things difficult. This happened with other scouts on our roster that were in the recharter, but council or whoever couldn’t figure it out and they kept dropping off. One scout dropped off and got readded I think 3 times before he finally stuck.

Try going to the scout’s remaining current membership, go into it, and click update. If that doesn’t work, provide their bsa member number, and we can look into it.

Thank you. I hit the button to update, but it still shows unmatched. His BSA ID is 13626696.

I requested a position sync for him. Let us know if anything has changed tomorrow morning. It should run by 4am CT.

He is now showing as syncing. Thank you for your help!

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