Can’t find Eagle Scout information

I earned Eagle back in 2001 and Juniata Valley Council put the info in scoutbook but I have no way of seeing it that I know of. How can I run a report on myself to see this?

11016821 is the ID for JVC (#497)
14194073 from Tidewater, set as primary.

@JoshuaMerdes the purpose of scouting is not to relive past glories, there really is no way to see past eagles - they stay with the old MID or BSA # - congratulations on achieving the honor - carry on as a leader and help more Eagles

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In theory, all Eagles should show up in the NESA alumni directory. Unfortunately, it appears to be offline right now.

As a unit leader or K3D, I also have access to the “Unit Advancement Details Report” in the Roster section of This report actually includes my Eagle award, which I’m assuming is there because I linked my old ID. So the data is in the system, but it’s hard to get at, as few people actually have access to this report or anything like it.

Thanks Sage, I’ll give your method a try. I thought that’s what I needed to join NESA since I couldn’t find my number in their database and the search didn’t turn my name up but maybe that’s part of the issue you mentioned. Maybe I jumped to conclusions about how that works with NESA so I’ll reach out to them directly.


You had 2 Scoutbook accounts so I merged these (one was empty). You have 4 BSA Member IDs which are all tied to your ID.

Thank you for the help. I have had to move a lot and it’s been a struggle keeping up.

NESA can typically find the Eagle in the database no issue - especially easy for you as it is on one of your managed Member IDs - EBOR date is 12/13/2001

It is online, but a bit broken’ish. You can login after it errors out.

It isn’t that great either. If you can find your entry, you can add your old council bsa if to your account. You can only “see” your eagle and NESA membership if you make the old id primary. So, I can relive my youth in the database only when I make the other id primary. :frowning:

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