How should I handle this WEBELO/AOL

Looking for the best way to handle this with the new SB+.

Prior to this year, our Pack would combine WEBELOS and AOL into 1 Den and work on one rank no matter the age or grade for a scout. The next year they would switch.

So Scout A & B are in AOL. Scout B should have been in WEBELOS based on age and grade. They would work on all the AOL requirements. Going into next year, A would cross over, B would be an AOL and now B & C would work on WEBELOS requirements. I hope that makes sense because I didn’t/don’t really understand it when I joined the Pack.

We have 1 lone Scout (10yrs old, 5th grade) in our Arrow of Light Den. He has already earned his Arrow of Light when he was a WEBELOS working with the AoLs last year. This year we have 7 WEBELOS working on the WEBELOS rank. So our AOL would work on earning his WEBELOS in the AOL Den.

I guess I’m looking for clarification for when August 31 rolls around and he can’t earn past rank. Should the AOL be in the WEBELOS Den and classified as a WEBELOS to earn WEBELOS or can he stay in Arrow of Light and still work on WEBELOS rank requirements throughout the year?

By the way the parent listed down there is the same parent memberID/accounts. Not sure if there was an easy way to fix or just let the Scouts BSA troop handle it next year haha.


Your pack was violating the Guide to Advancement. Once AOL was earned, a Scout could not go back and work on Webelos.

Scoutbook Plus is programmed to follow the Guide to Advancement. Your AOL scouts will not be able to work on Webelos advancement.


Ya I’m aware it’s a real mess. I’m not sure how they ever started doing this or how they even made it work before (I joined in August as the new Lion Den Leader).

I tried to get them to stop his AOL advancement when the new program year was announced (as suggested by National) and just work on WEBELOS but apparently that didn’t happen.

So the only suggestion is this kid doesn’t have anything to earn? Just hang out?

Follow the new program. There are new AOL adventures with the new program. Have him register with a troop as soon as he is eligible.

The parent likely has 2 separate connections to scout - easiest for them to just clear one - but it causes no real issues