New BSA Alumni Online Learning Plan

New BSA Alumni Online Learning Plan

The BSA Alumni Association is pleased to announce that after 4 years we have finally updated the six original Scouting Alumni and Friends to the more current BSA Alumni Association. There have been many updates to awards, requirements, and the Alumni directory portal since the original six courses were developed.

We have also added two new courses; both explain how to use new Alumni directory portal at One course is for the general user and one course is for directory support.

All are now currently available in the BSA Learn Center. Simply search the catalog for the BSA Alumni Learning Plan. The Learning Plan consists of eight modules:

• BSAA Creating the Committee

• BSAA The Committee Chair’s Role

• BSAA The Scout Executive’s Role

• BSAA Affiliate & Affinity Group Relationships

• BSAA Awards and Recognition

• BSAA Communications

• BSAA General User

• BSAA Specialist

Please login to my.scouting and check them out. Many thanks to Scouting U for their support.

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