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New cub scout and official pack roster

We have a new scout who joined our pack. An application for the scout was submitted to council and has been fully registered as of the beginning of April (it’s now 4/22). When viewing the scout in Scoutbook the following message appears;
Will has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.

We have checked with our council who has informed us that they have nothing to do with syncing a scout to Scoutbook.

What needs to be done to resolve this and have our new scout setup for advancement sync??


Does the Scout appear on the roster in Member Manager at The Scoutbook roster will be updated the day after the Member Manager roster is updated.

If the Scout is on the Member Manager Roster, check your unit roster to see if a duplicate entry has been created. The Scout will only be matched if the name matches exactly. If you find a duplicate send an email to with the Scout’s name, your unit and council and ask them to merge the accounts.

Hi Ed. Thank you very much for the info. I’m not one of our key 3 so I don’t have access to the member manager but it’s good to know about the sync lag. It looks like it may be a discrepancy in the scouts name that is causing the problem (Will vs William). I’ll come back if that turns out not to be the solution. Thanks again.

Ed, If I change both names to be identical can I request a merge also? We have been logging advancement under Will and the new William scout appears to be the official one on the roster. I’m trying to avoid manually transferring all the data. Thanks.


The names do not need to be identical for Member Care to merge the accounts. Just send an e-mail to with the Scout’s names, your council and unit and ask them to merge them.

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If the scout’s name is William it should be entered that way. Use the nickname field if the scout prefers to be called Will.

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Hi, I’m having the exact same issue. I have a cross over scout from February, who is all registered with our troop and IS showing up in member manager, but Scoutbook still can’t find her. How can I get her to sync into ScoutBook?


Indi - I just had a scout that bridged over to us last month. Once council entered the scout into the system he was automatically add as a scout not in a patrol. When you say scoutbook can not find her could you provide some detail on that ?

I get the same error as Matthew above: [Scout name] has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.

My Council says they can’t help, she IS on the new unit’s roster, and has been for months. She’s the only cross over we had, everyone else joined on Feb 1.

Thanks in advance for the help!

@IndiPetranek-McHugh random thought - if you are Scoutbook admin - can you go to unit and Backup > do the Scouts Backup and see if the Scout is on that file

she’s in the backup, I’ve added her manually, but I can’t add rank/merit badges until she sync’s with Council’s records.

I’ve also tried taking her BSA ID and adding that to scoutbook, but it comes back as ‘already in use by another scout’.

Indi - there in lies the issue… manual add. The record would have existed already as a cub scout. Is there any scout in that export with a similar name ? I would also add that I can do a screen share to assist if needed. You can email me - if you wish.

Happy to do a screen share, but she’s not in the Cub Scout Pack either.

OK are you a Key3? If so we can tell everything we need pretty fast - email Stephen or donovan_mcneil@… and we can figure it out pretty quick I bet

Just got off screenshare with Stephen. No luck.

I did dig up the SSD from March when I first contacted support: SSD-60596

Best theory is that she somehow got dropped from her cub unit without being reassigned to the troop and is out there floating in ScoutBook with no unit, so I can’t see her.

Can someone here find BSA ID 12887227 and see what unit is associated with that record?

thank you all!

We are all volunteers and do not have visibility necessary to find this Scout. You will need to contact for assistance.

I am having the same problem. I created a Scoutbook account for a new scout, and then the paperwork went through. Both and scoutbook show all the same information, but no synching is occurring which is why I get the “not matched” error message.

Contacted scoutbook support, they said contact council, council on their end sees one scout with the correct BSA number…so no idea why they won’t sync. Thought about deleting the account and then manually re-entering it, but I really don’t want to have to do that!