Linking Cub Scout Accounts

I am a Cubmaster and I have a scout who shows up on my roster in scoutbook, and on the roster in my.Scouting, but these are apparently not linked.

When attempting to approve the scout’s adventures and awards in Scoutbook, I get a popup error that shows, “ScoutName will be skipped because his account needs to be setup with advancement sync before you can approve any of his advancement.”

From the scoutbook roster for his den, it shows an error icon (yellow triangle with exclamation mark ) and the hover text shows “Not on official unit roster in my.Scouting”

In his scoutbook profile, it shows the error “ScoutName has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.” It also shows an SB UserID for him, but no BSA Member ID.

The unit roster in my.scouting does show him (with current renewal status, expiration date February 28, 2025.)

In the my.scouting roster, he does have a Member ID (136736936).
He is not a new scout. He has been in the pack since 2019. I was able to approve adventure requirements for him until earlier this month.

How can I connect these two accounts? My council has not been able to help with this so far.

I have tried the steps suggested here: Scout Not Matched with A Scout On The Official Roster (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base without any luck.

I just noticed that when I click something on his Scoutbook profile that should take me to internet advancement (e.g. Activity Log) it opens a partial profile on Scoutbook Plus where I see his rank status and adventures, but there is no personal information and an error box in the top center that says something like “Error //subscriptions” or “Error //personfile”

@JacobGillespie what is the SB User #?

SB User ID 10677342
Thank you for looking.

I found it - looks like mom messed things up

@JacobGillespie ok the Scout is cleaned up - grandmother login fixed

Thank you very much! I’m able to approve his outstanding items now. Do you happen to know what happened and what I could or should warn parents about?

not 100% sure how it happened - I think she made a account - and often they make for scout with parent info

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