Scout listed on Offical Pack Roster but not in Scoutbook Roster

We have a scout #140504713 that signed up as a new this scout year and shows up in our my.scouting roster, but has never shown up in our Scoutbook roster. Council has not been able to resolve this issue for our pack, could you please help?

I see another scout with the same name and DOB. Has he ever lived in CO or oversees/a military base?

So what you found is the root of this issue. That scout that lived in CO & is overseas in the Transatlantic Council. We reached out to the adult attached to that scout, because it is not the same adult listed on our scout’s application, and they have the same info, but are two different people. The scout you found has been in cub scouts & has advancements earned, our scout is new & we can’t log anything because everyone thinks my kid is the Transatlantic kid - he is not. I’ve tried in vein to get my council to understand I have a new kid & to create a new userid but to no success.

Yes, I see that the member number on that account has changed back and forth.

Go to the den that he’ll be in and click add scout to create a new Scoutbook account. Then an SUAC member can add his member number to it.

Okay, did as instructed. Thank you. Right now he shows as “not on official unit roster in

I updated his member number and synced his profile info. I requested an overnight sync of his parent connect. The wanting that he’s not on your roster should also disappear by morning. If not, let us know.

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