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New Den Leader: How do I Mark Achievements?

I’m a den leader for Tigers and am new to scouting. I have been using the Beta site, but do not see any place to mark what scouts have accomplished in order for them to receive their patches and belt loops. So I came to this site to see if marking for achievements and awards was more clear here, but I still cannot find a way to do this. PLEASE HELP!

If using the login as den leader (beta), you need to mark all of the items in before, during, and after complete and take attendance.

Hi Ruth!

Jacob described how the DLE beta marks completions by taking attendance and you checking items off.

Just to be safe since this is a BETA, I’d suggest emailing your advancements chair or cubmaster with who earned what and making sure their lists match. I’m having an issue right now where items in the DLE Beta are not being marked in scoutbook as the developers intended and would not end up being purchased. Some of the folks in this community are investigating why.

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