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New Den Leader shows as Adult Leader for every scout in the pack

We had a new family transfer into our pack from another council. One of the parents was added to a single den as a Den Leader, but now shows up as an Adult Leader for every scout in the pack (almost 100 kids). If you go to Connection Manager for the entire pack (the grid) she shows as only having rights to the girls in her den. But if you go to the Connection Manager for any other scout in the pack, she is listed as an Adult Leader for them.

@ToddJohnson - with those other connections what does it show the rights to be. I suspect it may be view profile and view Advancement. What will happen for an adult connection to other Scout’s is it will list as adult leader as they are not parents, other family members or merit badge counselors for them so the only other choice is adult leader.

Everyone else shows as they should with regard to other leaders and parents. It is just this one new leader. And as I said, if you look under connections for the entire pack or each den, the leader does not show up in ‘the grid’. But if you go into the Connections for any individual scout, this leader shows up with full control. We brought other new leaders into the system this year, but this is the only one that seems to have the issue. The only thing that sets them apart from the others is that this leader transferred to us from a different pack in another state. All of our other new leaders were never in the system except for being a parent.

Not that this resolvs the question of why your new DL is showing up as a leader for all of the scouts, but have you tried ending her position and starting a new one, to see if that allows you to reset her connections to the other scouts?

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