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Do I need to add den leaders as "adult leader" connection to each scout in den?

Hi! One of my den leaders added his son to our pack via beascout.scouting.com and I assigned the child to the correct den. The child then had a connection to the den leader only as a parent, so I added the “adult leader” connection. Do I need to do this manually for each den leader with each scout so the leaders can verify completion of requirements?


If your Den Leaders are not Den Admins, then the easiest way to add the Adult Leader connection is by going to the Den select Roster then Connection Manager. Click on the Den Leader name to update the connection type for each Scout in the den.

You may want to make your Den Leaders admins for their dens so they can update their den calendar. Den Admins automatically have full control adult leader connections to all Scouts in the den.

Thx for quick response! I do see the Connection Manager table now within the den. How do I make den leaders “Den Admins”?

Click on the Den Leader’s name on the roster. Click +Add/Position. Add the Den Admin role.

Thanks. That’s helpful. For future fixes, it seems redundant to have to assign someone as den leader and again as den admin. I imagine next fall we’ll have to undo den leader and den admin for this year’s den and add both for the next level up, assuming the den leader is following their child up? Does ScoutBook plan to monitor to ensure unit admins are properly disconnecting den leaders so they don’t have full access to kids entering the den by that name the following year?

Hi, @Christine_L,

The way our unit did this was to migrate the entire den at once. That maintained all of the Den Admin and Den Leader associations with the correct batch of scouts, assuming that the den membership rosters were properly maintained by the Pack/Den Admin.

There is an “advance den”(?) button somewhere in the den settings. I’m at the troop level now, so I don’t have access to the pack-level interface anymore. Try a search at either this site or help.scoutbook.com to locate where in the interface that button is, assuming nobody else chimes in with that information here. :slight_smile:

One caveat is to make sure that all of the rank-level advancement is marked Completed and Leader Approved before advancing the den. Once the scouts move to the new level (e.g. Wolf to Bear), there’s no easy way to go back and approve the previous work. I think that it’s not a problem to leave Awarded until after the den is advanced, though.

Go to the den page > edit den > advance den.

We recommend starting with the Bears and advancing them to Webelos first. Then, work your way down to Lions. This prevents confusion.

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