New IA Login Credentials options

I took a look at the recent announcement (September 1, 2020 Internet Advancement Change Log) regarding the addition of an option to use Google/Apple login credentials in lieu of BSA login credentials, and I wanted to try to get some clarification if possible.

The help file (Using Your Apple or Google Login ID to Login - Scoutbook Knowledge Base) states:

NOTE : You have one login choice, BSA credentials, Google or Apple. For example, when you setup login with Apple ID, your BSA credentials no longer work but your Apple ID will.

Does this mean that, once you make the choice to convert to Google or Apple login, you can never revert to login with BSA credentials (or, alternatively, choose to swap from Apple to Google or vice versa)?

That seems like what’s intended by the statement, but I wanted to make sure I understood in case someone asked me about it.

ETA: Hrm…it looks like the original announcement may have been pulled?

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Not sure if you can revert back or not - in user settings there is a switch

Yeah, I saw this in the interface, but I wasn’t willing to experiment with my login credentials to find out whether or not I could go back. I was hoping somebody knew already.

“The way back comes but once. Be steadfast.” :^)

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I think @edavignon tested it - I will ask him

He said you can go back and forth

Cool! Good to know. It would probably be good to add a clarification in the help documentation.

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HOLD OFF WE ARE ALMOST THERE… don’t do this until later tonight when Scoutbook has the support as well. That way the credentials will work for Scoutbook as well.

Important safety tip. Thanks, @WilliamNelson.

Personally, I was mostly curious, since I anticipated questions about the new feature. My fingers have developed muscle memory for my BSA credentials at this point. If I swapped to something else, I’d probably get confused…er, more confused than usual. :wink:

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