Scout Login and Google

I have a Scout in my unit under 14 years of age who used to be able to access Scoutbook via their Google account. That appears to be failing now.

I am trying to help the parent and Scout work through the issue. Based on other conversations in the forums, this seems to be by design, and switching the scout to use BSA Credentials should resolve it.

Are there directions I can provide the parent to make the change, or does the login method need to be changed by an admin?

The account in question is the following:

SB User ID: 12381787
BSA Member ID: 137307181

Google made some change - your council will need to send in a National Membercare ticket for the account to be changed to BSA Credentials

@DonovanMcNeil perfect! Thank you!

@LaddKettren have the user try to just go to and create a new account with their info - usually they would hit a wall but developers have said they changed it so they should be able to do it - just use BSA credentials not Google

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