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Constant need for recapcha to log in

iPhone 11, IOS 14.2
Recapcha every time I log in

How do I stop this time killer

Log in to my.scouting.org. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner then select My Account. Switch your login method from BSA Credentials to Sign in with Apple or Google Sign In. After you do this, Scoutbook will use that login. I never get the recaptcha when my account is set to use my Apple ID.

Is there a way to be able to login with bsa id and Google sign in. My Google Sso doesn’t work sometimes at scout book.

What is happening when you say it fails? There is a known issue with all login types that ScoutBook sometimes returns to the login screen without logging in. This is not limited to Google log in.

There is no way to use both BSA credentials and alternate credentials.

switched to google sign in and all is good.

much thanks

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