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New Internet Rechartering 2.0

I am in communication with BSA IT to see if there is an ETA for this.

With the data being dated, the access is probably key 3 + 3 for whatever date in the past, not the CURRENT roles. Good chance the passwords are dated password and not current passwords too if someone has changed passwords.

I’m a Committee Chair of a Cub Scout Pack that has to re-charter by Oct 31st. I can sign in to advancement.scouting.org and I don’t see the recharter button. When I try to sign-in to the sandbox at advancementpp.scouting.org by clicking the “sign in with google” button (which is what I use for everything else) it comes up with an error. I’m frustrated because we don’t have until Dec 31st like most people seem to.

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Your unit will be using the legacy internet recharter system in my.scouting.org or whatever process your council specifies. The new system is for units with charter expirations of 12/31/21 or later. Only units with a 12/31/21 expiration date can use the sandbox.

Thank you. That is a bummer I was excited last night at how much easier the new system looks. Next year :slight_smile:

@RonaldBlaisdell last word was that they new recharter would be active today. I have not seen it yet. Do you have any updates from national on this?

Normally, the local council will be the one that annouces it is open.

BTW - It went live at approximately 3pm ET yesterday 10/15.

@RonaldBlaisdell - two reports of being unable to remove the multiple if done in error.

I do like 2.0. Can’t do anything can’t change names, can’t change addresses, I can mark scouts who are not recharging. What a waste of time.

I haven’t started our recharter 2.0 yet but taking away my ability to change members information is going to make it harder to keep the roster updated. I have a hard enough time getting leaders and parents to respond to emails, texts, or instant messenger. Now I have to rely on them updating their own information?
I’ve asked this before but the responses haven’t been helpful and go off the trail. What are the steps my leaders/parents need to do to be able to update their information in myscouting?

(1) Log into My.Scouting
(2) Select My Profile from the menu
(3) Make updates
(4) Save

Changes in the registered First & Last Name and DOB must be done by the Council registrar.


To reiterate what Ron said, I gather this aspect of the recharter process was removed, precisely because individual Scouts/Scouters (and I believe also Unit Key 3 and delegates) can update personal information in my.scouting at any time, thus making sure it can always stay up to date! It also greatly simplifies the recharter process, so I call that a win-win. We just need to point folks in the right direction.

Now, if only we could fix the Scoutbook to my.scouting sync, since that’s where most folks start…

What do you mean by this? If they are not rechartering, you don’t recharter them. Check the checkbox and go to the menu and choose “remove from recharter” and will move to the “removed members” tab.

One of the points that this new system is trying to do is to just be a recharter system. The system does what it is supposed to do. Those other changes you wish to do are to be done during the year using the standard processes. One could even make an argument that they should allow members to be added during recharter as that already has a normal work process. We are only talking about recharter.

If contact info has changed, it needs to be fixed when identified, during the year. If you are a member of the key 3, like @RonaldBlaisdell and @SageLichtenwalner, go fix them now, don’t wait.

If names of Scouts and adults are wrong, they need to be fixed when identified during the year with the registrar.

The bottom line is that recharter in the past has been used as the “one day a year the data is correct”. Now, that needs to be a live and on-going process.

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@MarkHarris1 - I have always had an issue recharging scouts as I don not carry a universal charging system with me. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I only have lightning and most of them are micro usb for some reason. :crazy_face:

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