New Leader question

We have a parent who was a leader in another pack 2 years ago and now will be a leader in ours. Does he need to complete a new adult application?

Yes, applications have to be filled out each year for each unit - your council can give you more guidance

Ideally, if they have their BSA ID (e.g. from the prior registered position), they can include that on the new adult app to help the registrar locate the prior record (minimize chances of a duplicate).

OK thank you. I haven’t had to fill out a new application each year, just a new background check approval form (for myself). Is this a new requirement?

The application renewal is usually the recharter paperwork - so it is streamlined

If your state and council allow adult online applications, they can go to beascout, log into with their my.scouting username, and complete it there. Your COR or COR delegate will have to approve it in application manager.

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