New leaders / unit admins and the March 01 update

  1. Will this update effectively remove the ability to add a leader to Scoutbook before the council processes their application?

  2. Will this update affect the unit admin position, which has no matching registered position?

  1. Yes, unless they are already a registered leader in the BSA and you are using the same BSA #
  2. Yes, all admins will now need to have a registered position of some kind
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Unit & Den Admins now have to pay just to be able to help enter advancements, activity logs, & calendar events? What would be their registered position? If I make them a random Committee Member then they are subject to position training which they will never do, & will negatively impact our JTE.

Unit Scouter Reserve is a unit position which requires only YPT.

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You are correct, I was just hesitant to mention that one. I fear if more people start using that position, it will be next on BSA chopping block.

Why do you think they won’t do the training? Position-specific training for committee members is just YPT and the Troop Committee Challenge. And, the JTE gold goal of " two-thirds of active committee members have completed position- specific training" isn’t that high a bar to hurdle. And, if you’re putting out an otherwise quality program, it’s easy to get an overall JTE gold with only silver for “Trained Leadership”

USR still requires a criminal background check and any training required by your Chartered Organization.

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I need to get on my soapbox again here… As a COR, I have a problem with allowing access to unit members’ PII by any individuals that have not taken YPT, had the BSA-required criminal background check, nor any CO-required training, regardless of their reasons.

I have yet to hear, in all my time as a Scout or Scouter, of a reasonable argument against those requirements. Of course, I’ve hear many unreasonable arguments against them…


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