New March 2021 Scoutbook Features

  • Calendar Edit
    • A new Calendar Editor leadership position has been added for Scouts. When the Calendar Editor position has been added and approved for a Scout, that Scout can use Scoutbook to create, edit, change RSVP responses and take attendance. A Calendar Editor has access to all of the unit’s calendars. Once having the position, a Scout can access the calendar from the Events link on their Dashboard.
  • Connections
    • The connections between unregistered adults and Scouts are now limited to View Profile or View Profile and View Advancement. Only View Profile or View Profile and View Advancement connection types will be allowed for new or edited connections between unregistered adults and Scouts. All current connections between unregistered adults and Scouts, with the exception of Parent/Guardian to their own Scout, have been changed. Parents/Guardians will continue to have non-revocable Full Control connections to their Scouts.
  • Den Chief Support
    • Den Chiefs are now fully supported in Scoutbook. Currently a Den Chief must be added by the Troop then placed in the Den by the pack. A coming update will allow a Pack to add a Den Chief if the BSA Member ID and last name are both known. This will allow Packs that use Scoutbook to communicate with Den Chiefs in Troops that do not. See Adding a Den Chief to a Pack for details.
  • Leader Invite
    • Scoutbook now prevents adults who are not registered leaders in the BSA from being added to the unit roster. This includes adding additional leadership positions to unregistered adults and unregistered adults adding leadership positions on their own. This is in preparation of the April 12 change where all unregistered adults are removed from unit rosters.