Assigning edit access for scouts to specific subunit calendars

It’s great to see that designated scouts will now have access to editing the unit calendars. From the changelog announcement, it appears that any scout with these permissions can edit all of the unit and subunit calendars.

  • Calendar Edit
    • A new Calendar Editor leadership position has been added for Scouts. When the Calendar Editor position has been added and approved for a Scout, that Scout can use Scoutbook to create, edit, change RSVP responses and take attendance. A Calendar Editor has access to all of the unit’s calendars. Once having the position, a Scout can access the calendar from the Events link on their Dashboard.

Am I understanding that correctly?

If so, has subunit-restricted calendar edit access been considered for future development (e.g. patrol scribe can be assigned to edit patrol calendar only)? If not, could this be added to the future enhancements request log? It would be ideal if, as part of assigning the “leadership role”, unit admins could specify to which calendars the scout has edit access so that we’re not relying entirely on policy to make sure that the correct scouts are editing the correct calendars.

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Yes Charlie, restricting Calendar Edit to sub-unit calendars is in the backlog.

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I got one other request from our committee chair on the general subject that I wanted to pass along, although your response already addressed my original question.

Can a notification system be set up so that, when a calendar edit is performed a designated set of adults receives email notification of the update so that they can review the updates (e.g. for content and accuracy)? For now, the plan is to manage this internally through policy (scouts notify leaders of the content of proposed calendar updates and receive approval prior to posting), but it would be good to have some sort of tracking (not just for youth creators/editors but also adults) on updates to the calendar.

I assume that, since posts to the comments are sent to the event creator as email notifications, the system will automatically cc parents on any such email notifications to scouts who create events, the same way that it does for other email messages.

We thought of this as well, it is in the list of enhancements to be worked on

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That is already also in the backlog - it will likely be an email saying so-and-so has made changes to X event. As opposed to a totally new approval system

Yeah, tracking/notification rather than an approval system was the intent of the request. Sorry for not being clearer about that.

ETA: Rats. I re-discovered a problem with having too many topics in the same thread. Only one response can get tagged as a solution.

Is there a possibility for a permission level that allows a scout to take attendance, but not modify events or RSVPs?

Full admin rights to the calendar is a dangerous tool to hand out. There are a minority of scouts that can properly handle the complexity.

Scouts can use the Scouting app to take attendance

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It is complex, but it is their troop. We will give it to the SPL, ASPL, and Scribe. We will coach and mentor them.

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