New Member Application approved & completed but does not show up in Scoutbook

We have a new cub scout that shows up in the official pack roster in but this same scout has never shown up in Scoutbook. How do I get him on the Pack roster in Scoutbook?

@BrianPutman You have a rather large unit.

If you post the Scout’s BSA member number, we can take a look. (No names, please.)

Jennifer, the scout member number is 14532411

@BrianPutman do you know if this was a paper app or an online app?

It was an online application submitted on 9/12.
Interesting, the online application lists Applicant member ID as 10114910
which is different that the member number I provided above

Other number is father who took the action I think

The scouts application showed up in our my.scouting application manager on 9/13 which was the date I accepted the online application.

@BrianPutman yeah there are a few things - I think the main one is the Scout had an Adult and Scout Registration. I see it was created 9/20 - so your dates do not line up. It is being investigated and fixed

@DonovanMcNeil I also have a scout who shows up in my myscouting roster, but not scoutbook. Member #14532484

@AlisonSummers that is fixed

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Hello Donovan,
Just checking in, has there been any progress on my scout in question, or can I provide any additional information?
Thank you.

@BrianPutman what you need to do is make the scout in Roster - then we can add the BSA #


I just created or added the scout to the Tiger den in Scoutbook.

Brian Putman

ok that is done @BrianPutman

Thank you. I see him now.

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